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Bombay Napkins & Tablecloths #85

Bombay is uniquely characterized by a brilliant, lustrous effect that defines its iridescent quality and world renowned popularity.  This linen is a 55% Polyester, 45% Nylon blend.  Made up of cascading large squares (or diamonds depending on the angle of which you view it) and available in 23 different colors, Bombay has the energy to liven up your home.  When used to create a tablecloth, Bombay fabric can accommodate almost all tables without a seam, and can be made to fit extremely wide tables.  ***THE EDGES ON OUR BOMBAY PRODUCTS ARE MERROWED***  These linens can usually ship within 1-2 business days from the date of your order.  The *** MINIMUM ORDER*** for this linen is 5 dozen napkins or 1 dozen tablecloths.

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